MTNL has reported a decrease in its operational revenue to Rs 835.02 crore for the quarter ending December 31st 2012, down from Rs 842.04 crore reported for the three month period ended September 30th 2012. The public sector telco reported a loss of Rs 1182.1 crore, up from Rs 1093.72 crore reported last quarter, which, you might note, is lower than its revenues. MTNL is a Navratna organization.

MTNL says that its broadband services grew to 1.099 million from 1.085 million during the quarter, adding 14,302 new broadband customers during the quarter. That’s a decline over the 22,419 customers added the previous quarter. Recently, MTNL launched video calling services.

It’s segmented revenues for the quarter reveal the following (pdf):
– Revenue from basic telephony was flat, at Rs 668.91 crore, as compared to Rs 668.89 crore the previous quarter. The basic telephony segment reported a loss of 610.86 crore, up from Rs 584.48 crore
– Revenue from the Cellular segment was Rs 172.99 crore, down from 184.41 crore the previous quarter. The segment reported a loss of Rs 186.95 crore, up from Rs 160.60 crore the previous quarter

Broadband, Dialup, IPTV and VoIP data

There’s no mention of its IPTV or VoIP subscriber base, so we culled out information from its Annual report for the financial year ended 31st March 2012.


We’ll update this table in case we find the annual report for FY11.