Professional networking site, LinkedIn had an yet another impressive quarter. It had reported a net income of $11.5 million for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2012, a significant 66.67% increase from $6.9 million net income in the corresponding quarter last year.  The total revenue stood at $303.6 million for the quarter, up 81% from $167.7 million during the corresponding quarter last year. Here are some notes from LinkedIn’s investor conference call:

– Metrics: Citing Internal engagement metrics, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said that the overall unique visiting members grew approximately by 29% year-on-year (YoY) for the quarter, as compared to 22% in Q3 2012. The member pageviews grew by 67% in the quarter, which was the highest across all quarters in 2012. However, he didn’t mention any specific numbers for the same.

In the earnings release, the company had reported 116 million unique visitors and 9.8 billion page views for the quarter, up from 92 million uniques and 7.6 billion pageviews in Q4 2011, citing comscore metrics. Along with Slideshare, the company had reported 154 million unique visitors and 10.2 billion pageviews for the quarter, according to comScore metrics. LinkedIn is now the 25th most visited web property globally.

– LinkedIn CFO Steven Sordello mentioned that its desktop page view growth increased by about 38% YoY as compared to 22% in the last quarter while the total page view grew approximately by 67% YoY.

Mobile: An average 27% of LinkedIn’s unique visitors comes from its mobile apps, up from 15% YoY and is currently LinkedIn’s fastest growing consumer service.

– Over the last year, LinkedIn undertook Project InVersion to completely re-architect its underlying development infrastructure. This project has enabled the company to accelerate its product release from once every two weeks for the entire site to almost twice per day for each individual product.

– In July 2012, LinkedIn released a simpler redesign of the homepage in a bid to allow members discover, share and discuss professional information relevant to them. Weiner claims that its homepage traffic has increased by nearly 70% since launch. LinkedIn also introduced deeper integration of LinkedIn Today into the homepage, following which the traffic to third party publishers has increased by nearly 60%.

On Talent Solutions: LinkedIn Jobs On Mobile is also gaining significant traction since its launch six months ago. About 20% of job views and 30% of job viewers are from the mobile platform. The company is now rolling out its recruiter platform in German and Portuguese to cater to Europe and Brazil customers. LinkedIn added around 2,400 customers during the quarter and currently has over 16,400 organizations under contract. Among the new customers include Italy’s Pirelli, Brazil’s Bally and UAE’s Etihad Airlines among others. It also inked an expanded business deal with Telefonica in Spain and L’Oreal in France. Number of open job listings increased by around 100% YoY.

On Marketing Solutions: The total number of Status updates posted by companies on their respective company pages increased by seven fold in 2012. Last month, LinkedIn introduced rich media sharing on company pages, using Slideshare as a content host. Companies like Citi, Staples and Capital One are using LinkedIn managed groups to engage their audience with compelling professional content. Citi’s managed group now has 100,000 members, up from 30,000 in Q2 2012.

For the past few months, LinkedIn has been internally testing the ability for companies to promote sponsored content in the update stream on the member’s homepage. The company has now started external testing with select partners to show sponsored content on both desktop and iPad streams and plans to extend this offering to mobile devices in the future.

– LinkedIn’s sales solutions including the sales navigator is still nascent but is currently the fastest growing premium subscription product. The company also launched premium subscription products which enables integration into CRM environments and recently introduced key-link functionality in its search results.

– LinkedIn members have generated almost 1 billion endorsements to their colleagues since its introduction in September. Endorsements allows members to endorse their colleagues for specific skills.

– LinkedIn introduced Influencers feature in October 2012, to strengthen LinkedIn as a professional publishing platform. Richard Branson is currently the most popular influencer with 1.3 million followers and one of the articles from a LinkedIn influencer has generated over 1 million views till now.

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