The hiring activity in the Media and Internet sector by 14% in January 2013 when compared to December 2012, according to‘s Job Speak Index, which is an indicator of job listings on its portal. It should be noted that Naukri also categorizes jobs in Mobile sector as a part of Media in their Jobspeak report.

The Naukri Jobspeak Index for January 2013 was at 1031, while in December 2012 it was at 903, down by 3% on month on month basis. Note that the index uses the total number of jobs in July 2008 as a base (of 1000). Apart from that, starting from February 2012, the Jobspeak index also includes online jobs as well as jobs acquired by their telecalling team.


The report claims that the media sector has seen the highest job movement in last one year. Compared to January 2012, the hiring index levels of the media sector is up by 24% in January 2013.

The company noted that improvement in government decision in making and buoyancy in financial market might lead to better hiring in the sector in coming months. It also noted that in the year 2013, the media sector might see an improvement in fresh and replacement hiring.

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