Between July to December 2012, Twitter received less than 10 requests for disclosure of of user information from the Indian government. Twitter, however, complied with no requests, it has revealed as a part of its Transparency report.Globally, Twitter received a total of 1009 user information requests with 57% compliance rate. Between January to June 2012, Twitter had received 848 user information requests with 63% compliance rate.

The company has clarified that it does not reveal specific numbers for countries where they have received fewer than 10 requests. Twitter has also mentioned that they notify affected users of requests for their account information unless we’re prohibited by law. Twitter received less than 10 requests for disclosure of user information from the Indian government during January to June 2012, Twitter complied to none of those requests.

Removal requests: In the report, Twitter has also reported that between July to December 2012 it received 1 removal request by obtaining a court order and 1 removal request by government or police authorities that specified 16 user accounts. Twitter did not comply with any of those requests. Between January to June in the year 2012, Indian government did not request any removal of Twitter users accounts.

Twitter said that it has received the highest requests from United States, receiving around 815 requests for 1145 users/accounts with an alarming 69% compliance rate.

Copyright Notices: Twitter received a total of 3,268 copyright notices (globally) out of which it complied with 53% of removal notices. About 7,205 twitter accounts were affected, 5,557 tweets withheld and about 1,648 media items were withheld. Media items include profile photos, header photos, background images, and Twitter-hosted media (e.g., Twitter has not reported the number of copyright notices it received country-wise. During Jan-June 2012, Twitter has received 3378 copyright take down notices for 5874 users/ accounts with a 38% compliance rate.

In August 2012, GoI had also requested Twitter to block 28 Twitter accounts which have allegedly tweeted communally sensitive or inflammatory remarks and photos.

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