SVG Media (formerly known as Tyroo Media) has launched a data backed display ad network, Velocity, in India and the Asia Pacific region.

The company informs that Velocity is a data backed display ad network offering targeted reach and relevant audience. Its product portfolio includes services such as audience display, video, mobile, rich media, social, data targeting and specialty display. It can offer its clients customized audience segments, special interest segments across verticals, rich media solutions served on Comscore listed publishers, social media engagement, mobile targeting and mobile data aggregation.

According to the company, Velocity has over 33million unique users across multiple audience segments. It also claims that it has already tracked 50% of Indian cookie data. Its client list includes Tata, Maxus, Starcom, Airtel, HP, among others.

How it works for advertisers: Velocity claims that display media advertising typically suffers from three pain points — low CTR, high bounce rates, and low engagement. It claims that it solves these pain points by allowing advertisers to go directly after audiences, displaying ads only to users according to expressed interest and communication based on browsing behavior.

Velocity works with ad exchanges around the world and does not target individual publishers. Essentially, Velocity targets the audience by tracking data and is publisher agnostic unlike its sister ad network Tyroo.

Other developments: In October 2012, PrecisionMatch launched its solution for developing and monetizing publisher side audience data, allowing both publishers and advertisers to keep a better track of audience affinity and intent while targeting them. SVG Media had invested $2 million in the company and expects PrecisionMatch to break even in the next two years.