For Airtel, one of the top telecom operators in India, Delhi accounted for the maximum number of wireline subscribers with 1,080,689 subscribers in September 2012, followed by Karnataka with 491,187 subscribers and Tamil Nadu (Including Chennai) with 485,316 subscribers.

Haryana registered the least number of wireline subscribers with 23,104 subscribers in September 2012, while the top five circles including Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh accounted for 80.3% of Airtel’s total wireline connection base.

Airtel added a total of 1245 wireline subscribers during the month. Delhi accounted for the highest number of additions with 442 additions followed by Karnataka with 186 additions and Tamil Nadu (including Chennai) with 176 additions. Haryana recorded the least number of additions in September 2012 with 6 subscriber additions.

Data Source:TRAI

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