Mobile advertising network and social networking site BuzzCity is shutting down on its ad-supported free mobile games and applications portal, Djuzz by December 31, 2012. [Hat tip – Deepak Abbot]

While there is no mention of the shutdown on the Djuzz website at the time of writing this article, an email sent out by BuzzCity to its partners stated that the site has stopped accepting requests to upload new content and will stop providing support to its partners to upload new content to the platform. The company however noted that Djuzz will still continue its day to day operations and all previously available catalogue sites and partner APIs will continue to work till Dec 31, 2012.

Elaborating on the Djuzz shutdown, BuzzCity stated that the mobile ad network business has always been its core business and it claims to have seen significant growth in that business in the past year. Hence, going forward the company intends to invest all its resources in increasing, supporting and sustaining that growth for the year 2013.


Launched in February 2010, Djuzz was a free to use ad-supported mobile platform offering games and apps to consumers from its domestic and International partners. Some of its partners include Adidas, Reebok, Cellufun, Digital Chocolate, EA Mobile, Fring, Hungama, Indiagames, IGFun (Indiagames’s International arm), and Playfon among others. In March 2012, BuzzCity had claimed that Djuzz hosted 19,000 games by the end of 2011 and the company recorded 90 million app downloads during the year, of which 48.6 million app downloads were games.

The company had noted that soccer oriented games made up for 35% of the titles in the top 100 apps and  recorded 17 million downloads during the year, while speed and racing games accounted for 28% of the titles and clocked 13.6 million downloads. Movie or TV based games accounted for 22% of the titles and clocked 10.7 million downloads.

It had also claimed that Nazara* had clocked 1.5 million downloads across its 5 titles on the Djuzz platform while Indiagames recorded 857,298 downloads across 3 titles and IGfun recorded 1.74 million downloads across 4 titles. Among International gaming partners, BuzzCity stated that EA Mobile had recorded 9.3 million downloads across its 16 titles on the Djuzz platform while Hovr had recorded 8.4 million downloads across its 17 titles on the platform.

Mobile Ads Served: In March 2012, BuzzCity had also stated that India was the top mobile advertising country for the company and had claimed to have served 32 billion ads to over 93 million monthly unique users in India during the last year. It also claimed to have served 9.5 billion ad impressions in Q4 2011, registering a 2% dip from the previous quarter but a 197% growth annually. According to the company website, India continues to be the top mobile advertising country for BuzzCity and the company had served 6.49 billion ads in India in October 2012.


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*Disclosure: Nazara is an advertiser with MediaNama