Update: Digivive’s NexG Tv Mobile TV service which live streamed the tournament claims that it received over 1.5 lakh daily unique visitors and 2.2 crore views during the championship. nexGTv cumulatively recorded over 7.5 lakh hours of content viewing during ICC World Cup Twenty20.

Earlier: 9th October 2012: ESPNCricinfo, the popular Cricket websites, claims to have registered 800 million page views, clocking 2.3 billion total minutes in total time spent online by users, globally, during the recently concluded T20 World Cup.

According to the website, the figures reflect a 215% increase in page views and 323% increase in the total time spent online, compared to the 2010 edition of the tournament. ESPNCricinfo also claims that throughout the tournament, the site had an average minute audience of almost 80,000 people across computers, mobile web, and mobile apps, which according to the site, implies that during any given minute of the 18 day tournament, an average of 80,000 people were accessing ESPNCricinfo. This is four times greater than the 2010 tournament.

The site also claims that 164,000 videos were viewed on an average per day on ESPNcricinfo during the tournament (excluding streaming video which was available in some regions). Note that we have no means of verifying this data, but these are the stats released by ESPNCricinfo.

Growth in mobile device access: According to ESPNCricinfo, the site recorded 445 million page views, a 678% growth and 855 million minutes in total minute, a growth of 981%, compared to the tournament two years ago, via mobile devices. For context, during the ICC Cricket World Cup, ESPNCricinfo had logged in more than 377.3 million page views and 807.2 million total minutes of time on its mobile website. Note that the page views might also be a result of users reloading mobile web pages to update scores, so page views cannot be considered a reliable measure.

Region wise: More than 35% of all total global page views and more than 32% of global total minutes came from users in India. India also contributed the greatest total mobile Web usage, logging more than 183 million total page views in the tournament and almost 324 million total minutes of time spent via mobile devices.

US-based users constituted ESPNcricinfo’s second-biggest audience globally for the tournament, after India, with nearly 17% of global page views and nearly 19% of all minutes spent during the tournament, across all devices, coming from the US. The site claims that US-based users also accessed more videos per day on average- about 71,171, than any other terrtory worldwide.

Peaks : ESPNcricinfo posted its best day of the tournament on the final day of the Super 8s stage on 2nd October, during the India-South Africa match, registering 266 million minutes and 101 million page views.