Mobile messaging company Nimbuzz has partnered with Amobee, a US-based mobile advertising solutions provider for a mobile advertising inventory deal.

While the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, Nimbuzz stated that Amobee will be selling Nimbuzz’ mobile advertising inventory and claimed that it will be offering advertisers, agencies and brands, access to 105 million Nimbuzz users through this partnership, enabling them to deliver highly relevant mobile ads.

Ad Formats: Nimbuzz stated that Amobee will be selling this inventory through its Pulse for publishers mobile ad platform, which allows publishers to monetize their direct and remnant mobile ad inventory. The company said that advertisers will be able to deliver ads through various rich media ad formats including splash screen ads, hyper local ads, social profile-targeted ads and branded chat buddies among others.

Collecting Personal Data: It’s worth noting that Nimbuzz has a significant amount of data on its users. In April 2012, when the company had started offering location based advertising on mobile phones in India through its application, the company had stated that it delivers ads based on the user’s location obtained through GPS or from the cell ID data of the user’s mobile network, although it had clarified that location sharing was entirely an opt-in process for the users.

The company had also added that it collects personal data including contact details (name, address, telephone, mobile, and email address among others) and profile data (age, sex, pastimes among others) while registering for a Nimbuzz profile, and was planning to use the same information for targeted advertising.

A month later, Nimbuzz had also opened up its Messenger API and launched a new initiative called Chat Buddy Developer Program, through which it was planning to enable brands, publishers and independent developers build chat bots to offer updates across various categories like cricket, astrology, shopping, games, and news. The company had also claimed back then that developers can get access to 90 million Nimbuzz users across 220+ countries who spend an average 55 minutes every day, through this program.

Interestingly, Nimbuzz had also said that developers will be able to monetize their chat buddies through a premium Chat Buddy program which will allow users to buy chat buddies. reports had also indicated that the company is building its own gateway and payment service and enable developers to offer in-app purchases in a revenue sharing arrangement with Nimbuzz.

Similar developments: Prior to this partnership, Amobee had inked a three year deal with InMobi, through which Amobee’s clients including Coca Cola, McDonalds, Ikea, Amtrak,  P&G among others, got access to InMobi’s mobile ad network.

Besides this, mobile messaging and advertising company Affle had tied up with a mobile and web instant messaging aggregator eBuddy in July 2011, to get exclusive rights to sell eBuddy’s mobile advertising inventory in India. It had also entered into a strategic agreement with Japanese mobile advertising firm, D2 Communications, to provide mobile advertising solutions to companies across Asia and partnered with Yahoo India to sell Yahoo India’s mobile advertising inventory across feature phones, smart phones and tablets in India.

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