Mobile VAS company MoMagic Technologies, has inked a joint venture with Symphony Mobile, a Bangladesh-based mobile handset brand, to enter the Bangladeshi VAS market and set up a new entity called ‘MoMagic Bangladesh’.

While the financial details of the joint venture were not undisclosed, MoMagic stated that this partnership will allow the company to offer its VAS services on Symphony Mobile handsets. The company plans to provide these services in Bangla language, however there is no specific information on the type of services that will be offered or its pricing at the time of writing this article.

Previous Partnership: Interestingly, it’s worth noting that Symphony Mobile had previously partnered with MoMagic (Hong Kong) and B2M Technologies (Bangladesh) last month, to launch an application called ‘S Store’ for its consumers. The company had stated that this application offered various VAS content including Cricket News, Bollywood News, Celebrity Updates, Jokes, Breaking News, Horoscope and Wikipedia.

MediaTek Investment: MoMagic also claims that this collaboration will help Symphony Mobile to reduce its time to market. Remember that the chipset manufacturer MediaTek had invested an undisclosed amount into MoMagic in August 2011, following which MoMagic had launched an app store for MediaTek’s MRE ( Maui Runtime Environment) platform. The company had stated that this store will allow developers to distribute and monetize ‘smartphone-like’ apps for feature phones based on MediaTek chipsets.

Earlier Developments: In July 2012, MoMagic had launched an Android app, ‘Control Me‘, which allowed users to remotely access and control their Android phone through any other phone via SMS. Prior to this, it had also partnered with Disney’s Indiagames to develop games based on MediaTek’s MRE platform.

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