MapmyIndia, the location based services and maps company, has dropped the price of its navigation app, ‘Sygic & MapmyIndia: GPS Navigation’ on Apple’s iOS platform from $49.99 to $29.99, for a limited time period.

The timing of the price-cut couldn’t have been better as iPhone (and iPad) users who’ve updated their devices to iOS 6 are disappointed with the new default Maps app which doesn’t offer the level of detail which was provided by the earlier, Google Maps powered app. Although the Apple maps app offers turn turn by turn directions in markets like the US, it doesn’t offer simple directions or transit info in India.

It’s not clear as to how long the app will be available at the discounted price, however, we have contacted MapmyIndia for the same and will update the post as we hear from them. We feel that it’s very smart of MapmyIndia to lower the price of its navigation app on iOS, at this time.

Features: The MapmyIndia app offers greater level of detail for Indian cities and towns, and also features house numbers for major cities. Since the app downloads all maps on the device, there are no data costs involved. It also offers features such as support for spoken street names (text-to-speech), maps with road coverage, POI database, speed limits, 3D Cities and Landscape, and a free city guide. With its new version 12.1, the app even allows users to set their own spoken warnings. iOS users can buy the app from Apple’s iTunes Store.

#MapGate: On September 19, 2012, Apple released its newest operating system iOS 6, which offers Maps powered by Apple with features such as a 3D Flyover mode, Yelp and Siri integration. None of the additional features are available in the Indian market. iOS 6 users are disappointed with the new Maps because of inaccuracies and inconsistencies, and lack of detail. Few iOS 6 users are even posting screenshots on a Tumblr blog showcasing Apple Maps’ inconsistencies and inaccuracies at, while few have taken their tirade to Twitter.


Trudy Miller, a spokesperson for Apple, told AllthingsD that the new map service  is a major initiative and since it’s a cloud-based solution, the more people use it, the better it would get.

Other developments: 

In August 2012, MapmyIndia had launched a new device, ‘CarPad 5‘. which is essentially a 3G enabled Android tablet offering its navigation interface along with communication and multimedia capabilities.

In August 2011, MapmyIndia had launched CarPad, a 7-inch Android tablet which was powered by a Qualcomm S1 processor and featured MapmyIndia’s 3D navigation interface, Aura. Like CarPad 5, CarPad was also a navigation device which doubled up as a communication device allowing users to make phone calls, send messages and emails, and browse the internet, however it also featured a 2 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities, an 8GB memory card and an FM radio tuner for in-car entertainment.

Earlier this year, it had also launched an Internet connected in-dash GPS navigation and entertainment system, featuring a large touch screen, DVD player, iPod connectivity, USB and SD card support, Aux-in and AV-in for connecting other audio and video sources, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling, AV-in for reverse camera support, Steering Wheel Controls, AV-out to connect to rear-seat or roof-mounted monitors and a built in FM radio player.

Besides this, the company had also recently launched a mobile web portal for GPRS enabled smartphones, a navigation app with house number search for iOS platform, and MapMyIndia ShowNearby, a places app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms.