Musicmetric, a data and analytics company that aggregates and analyses music related information available on the web, focusing on music downloads and playback trends, has published the Digital Music Index report. According to the report, India is among the top 10 countries, when it comes to users who download music via BitTorrent.

The company analysed BitTorrent downloads for the first half of 2012, tracking music from 750,000 artists and reported 405 million music downloads, with US leading the pack at 96.68 million downloads, followed by UK at 43.26 million downloads, and Italy with 33.15 million downloads. India was at eighth position registering 8.96 million music downloads via torrents.

According to absolute data, released by Musicmetric, dubstep artist Billy Van’s EP, The Cardigan, was the most downloaded album in India, clocking 41,723 downloads. According to normalised data ((percentage of global downloads from a country) – (percentage of the total downloads for that release from the country)), Shreya Ghoshal’s track from the Hindi movie Agneepath, was the highest downloaded single, clocking 36,083 downloads.

It’s interesting to note that Billy Van had released the EP, The Cardigan, on BitTorrent, making it available to the public, free of charge. So a large part of the downloads recorded were legal. The EP clocked 1.01 million downloads, globally.