Notch Media,a media and entertainment company has launched NOTCH, an interactive, digital publication featuring Indian content targeted at non resident Indians. The digital magazine offers content related to Entertainment,Fashion, Design, Art, Food and Travel. It is available to subscribers on the web,and on iPad and Android tablets.The magazine currently offers an annual subscription priced at $9.99 or Rs 499, as an introductory offer, with the first issue being a free download.

Similar to other interactive magazines, Notch features tools that allow readers to scroll, flip, swipe and navigate through content,embedded photo galleries,audio files, and videos within articles.

Our Take

We tried browsing the magazine on an iPad. Like other magazines it integrates with the iOS Newsstand, through which users can browse, download and manage subscriptions. The magazine offers rich content and makes good use of the tablet’s screen real estate and media capabilities. There were no advertisements in the magazine, which is understandable, since it’s subscription based.

Navigation: The magazine only supports portrait mode, but content is smartly placed and interactivity is offered via the use of slides and taps, and embedded videos. For example, the magazine features behind the scenes videos for photo shoots, and tap to enlarge thumbnails for photo galleries.


Navigation is simple as the pages can be flipped mostly horizontally, similar to most e-books and digital magazines. Hyperlinks and playback controls (for audio and video files) within pages work as intended. There is also a top-level menu which can be invoked anytime with a touch, for navigating across pages, bookmarking and switching to other issues in the newsstand. However, the magazine does not offer integration with e-mail or social networks, so there’s no content sharing.


Content: The content in the magazine focuses on Entertainment,Fashion, Design, Art, Food and Travel, and is targeted at upmarket readers but it’s India centric featuring Indian destinations, personalities and art, keeping in consideration the non resident user base. We like the way content is packaged with image racks, slide-out columns, bubbles and other graphic elements.

We feel that subscription price is justified keeping in view the high production cost of premium content, and for keeping the magazine ad-free. It would be interesting to see how many readers subscribe to the magazine in the coming months.

Tweek discontinued: Earlier this year, Times Internet* had also launched a weekly tablet magazine, Tweek, in partnership with GENWI, a company that offers a cloud based publishing platform. The magazine was offered free of charge, but we noticed that there have been no new issues post April, which implies that the magazine has been discontinued.

*Disclosure: Times Internet is an advertiser with MediaNama