Justmyneighbour.com is an application that allows residential societies to digitize their operations, ranging from billing & maintenance to member communication including a custom website. Apart from that it also enables businesses to run promotions in residential societies (both digital & offline).



The portal handles features such as online billing & maintenance payments of the residential society. However, Param Sidhu, founder and CEO of Justmyneighbour (JMN), informed MediaNama that the portal has a single payment gateway for all of the residential societies registered with the portal, which means that the transfer of billing & maintenance charges takes place from society members to Justmyneighbour account and then to the Society account. Sidhu also informed us that the transaction from Justmyneighbour account to the society account takes 5-7 days.


According to Sidhu, the most used feature on the portal is the message board. JMN provides society members with features such as online complaint box, a personal profile where they can manage what to share, classifieds listings. Apart from that, it also provides features such as a member directory.

 Other Features

What’s interesting is that Justmyneighbour offers variety of services with its portal including Absolute Tenant check, Plumbers, Carpenters, Grocery, Florists, Travel, Taxi service, Car insurance, among others. For its absolute tenant check and services to provide plumbers, carpenters, taxi service, JMN has tied up with various agencies in different cities that offer these services. Similarly, it has partnered with various grocery shops, florists, taxi services in nearby areas to offer those services to the residents of the enrolled society.

Pricing and Advertisement

Currently, the residential building can opt for a sponsor arrangement where the application is deployed for free in return of advertisements placed in the society’s building.

The company also offers advertisement — digitally and offline for businesses. Apart from generic form of advertisement including banners, flyers, ads on society notification board, kiosk, ads on society bill jacket, JMN also offers interactive offline advertising . For the same, JMN  has a marketing team that comes up with ideas for offline advertising. The company recently carried out an offline campaign for a car insurance company, Berkshire, where they offered  pollution check for car owners in society.


The company has partnered with various travel, hospitals, and other service providers to offer discounts to the residential society members. For travel JMN, has partnered with Yatra.com to provide discounts on travel to residents booking for flight tickets through the society web portal. A special offer code is provided to residents to to avail the discount on yatra.com website .

Founded in 2009, Justmyneighbour originally started its business in Gurgaon. It now operates in 13 cities and has offices in 10 cities. The company has a team of 70-80 people. The company claims that over 2500 RWAs have signed-up for the application in those 13 cities that it’s active and a variety of brands (from Airtel to HDFC to Renault) are clients.