BigRock, the domain registrar and web hosting company, has launched an online marketplace offering website design solutions, DesignXchangeDesignXchange is a two sided marketplace where designers can sign up to showcase their services where customers can browse these designers, view their work, and contact those designers.

Features: The platform is currently in a beta stage but the company claims that over 1,000 web designers have already registered and submitted their designs. The company expects to have close to 5,000 web designers by the end of this year. It also plans to add features such as search and a customer review system.

For customers: Currently, users can look for web designers based in their city and choose offerings in a budget range between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50,000+. Apart from that, if one likes a web design they can contact the designer directly from the web site by submitting details such as name, email address, domain, and a contact number. However, the web portal does not allow users to directly buy web site design submitted on the website by the designer. Being an online marketplace we would expect DesignXchange to provide a way to buy the design without having to go through the time consuming process such as contacting the web designers, in case the user wants the default template.

For designers: Web designers who sign up for the DesignXchange platform will also get access to BigRock’s affiliate network. Apart from that, BigRock has created a dedicated account management team to work with designers to set up their presence on the platform. There’s no fee for designers to submit their designs to DesignXchange, however, there’s a caveat: designers need to purchase BigRock web hosting solutions for their customers in order to rank higher in the listing. Apart from that, designers can also earn commissions on web hosting purchases that they make for their customers.

Other Players

While we aren’t aware of online web design marketplace in India, DesignXchange competes with online marketplace outside of India such as Envato’s Themeforest, 99designs and crowdspring. However, unlike DesignXchange, these marketplaces allow users to buy the design immediately along with custom design which makes the marketplace more compelling for users and designers.