Nirvana Digital, a Bollywood audio and video content creator and distributor across the Internet and mobile platforms, has launched a YouTube Content Creators Network in India.

Through this initiative, the company plans to provide infrastructure and logicstics to Indian video content creators to create, distribute and monetize content through YouTube Channels. It claims to have recorded over 200% growth in the number of subscribers across its YouTube channels in the past year, with 350 million views on its Digital Network, which is essentially a network of 50 YouTube channels comprising of 20,000 videos.

Whats on offer? According to the company, Nirvana Digital will offer a specialized web video studio space in Mumbai, featuring green screens, high end HD cameras (Canon 5D MKII) and lighting facilities. It will also provide a dedicated technical team including video editors, optimizers and taggers, who will help video content creators with various technical aspects of video making including encoding, uploading and promoting videos and video animators for CGI (Computer-generated imagery) oriented videos.

Target Audience: Responding to a question from MediaNama, Nirvana Digital said that it plans to create the largest video network for Indian content through this initiative and it is looking for video creators across various genres like Comedy, Sketches, Film, Drama, Shorts, Documentaries, Music Videos, and Video Blogs (Vlogs). These creators can be established YouTube channels who are looking for additional views and revenue, video content owners who are planning to push their content to YouTube and budding individual video creators who intend to create a brand of their own.

Why should one sign up? When asked why video creators will join this initiative when YouTube has its own partner program, Nirvana Digital said that besides the infrastructure, the company will direct relevant traffic to the video content through its own network of 50 YouTube channels, thereby increasing the visibility and monetization of the video content. Further, depending on the video content, it will also push the videos to other distribution channels like Hulu, Yahoo Video, Amazon, Apple’s iTunes Store and so on. Additionally, the company also works actively with brand advertisers for channel and video associations which, according to the company, leads to higher monetization.

Revenue Share? Nirvana Digital stated that it will offer the majority of the revenue generated to the content creator/owner, although it didn’t disclose any specific revenue share ratio.

Prior Partnerships: Last year, Nirvana Digital had partnered with YouTube to offer its content catalog, comprising of Bollywood films and music videos for free viewing on YouTube BoxOffice. It had also partnered with a mobile TV and video streaming provider Yamgo to offer one of its channel Bollywood Gossip on mobile devices.

Nirvana Digital claims to have the licensing rights of over 10,000 audio titles and 20,000 videos including full-length movies like Hyderabad Blues and Hyderabad Blues 2, over 300 animated children education clips, music videos, documentaries, independent films and Bollywood news and events, for digital and mobile distribution and monetization. It also claims to have worked with several major production houses including Mukta Arts, Sippy Films, Eagle Films among others, to add old classic films to its video catalog.