GetIt Infoservices, the Delhi based classifieds business, which had launched a deals service website, GetIt Hot Deals, in November 2011, offering deals from its partners across various categories, has now launched native mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, for the users of the service.

According to the company, the apps let users browse through deals in their city, call merchants from within the app, SMS or email deals to friends and share deals via email & SMS or Facebook. The app is location-aware, detecting the user’s location and suggesting deals in the vicinity, to him.

Our Take: Android app only lists Bangalore?

We tried using the Android version of the app on a Galaxy Nexus, and found that the app’s location selection settings only support Bangalore. It’s a bit strange that no other city is listed, specially considering that the maximum number of deals available at the time of the service’s launch were in Delhi/NCR.


The home screen offers a slider of featured deals, and a text search box to search for deals. There’s a button to toggle between featured and top deals, another one to explore deals near the user’s location, a button to get category wise listings for deals, and a ‘More’ button to share feedback, get help instructions, and for uploading deals. Strangely, tapping on the ‘Near Me’ button detected and displayed our location correctly (in Delhi) but continued to display deals for Bangalore.

The deal listing offers a description of the product including its picture, details of the merchant including the merchant’s contact details, and user reviews. The description page also features buttons to get the deal, make a phone call to the merchant, get directions on Google Maps and share the deal on Facebook. We found that a lot of listings did not have map location info.


While the app does display deals listings, categories and offers keyword based search results, the very fact that being a local commerce app, it was not able to detect our location, and did not even offer it for manual selection, makes it useless for us. Getit claims that the service offers deals across 65 locations in India, then why not ensure that the apps let users select theirs, before submitting them to the app store.