We’re excited to announce that MediaNama’s first (and flagship) conference, #NAMA will be held on the 10th of October, at The Westin, in Gurgaon. We’re still in the early stages of planning the event, so in case you are interested in partnering or sponsoring, do get in touch with Sarita Pacheco at sarita@medianama.com.

As an aside, you might notice that we’re calling the conference #NAMA. The idea behind the hashtag, is that it has come to represent trending and important topics, and is also used as a subtext in communication. We also won’t have to tell people what the hashtag is. :) More on what we’re setting out to do here.

Call for speakers

We’re on the look-out for speakers for #NAMA, specifically people who are decision makers and are doing something significant to either bring about a change in their digital industry segment, or dealing with significant changes. We want deep discussions, sharp responses, and for those attending and listening to leave with a better understanding of this rapidly transforming digital space. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small fish in a big pond, but what is important to us is that you have the idea and the wherewithal to lead a transformation.

#NAMA will have a healthy mix of ideas, thought leadership and with important operational questions being addressed, with (we hope) fresh ideas being shared and showcased.

If you’re interested in speaking, or would like to nominate a speaker, please use the following link: http://nama.cc/nominatespeaker

P.s.: Our apologies for not getting back often enough to those who had offered to volunteer. Finding a venue was *very* tough (and I’m understating this). We’re glad to have The Westin on board.