Mogae Digital is launching Talking Comics on Tata Sky’s DTH (Direct to home) service. The Talking Comics will be available via Tata Sky’s Actve Wizkids service and will be promoted by the DTH operator its Channel no. 100, the default channel that viewers see when they switch on their Tata Sky set top box.

According to Tanya Goyal, Executive Director of the company, the comics will essentially be videos with a voice-over, animated content, music and text. The comics will initially feature stories from Tenali Rama, Mullah Nassrudin, Akbar-Birbal, Bheema, Krishna, Vikram-Betaal and Krishna series, followed by Yudhishtra, Duryodhan, Arjun, Karan, Bheeshma, Raavan, Guru Nanak, Sai Baba and Gautam Buddha which will launch in September, and stories from the Bible and a series of Ghost Stories, which will be aired early next year. The company also intends to launch a branded new humour series, created in partnership with a leading TV channel, as a Talking Comics product, in August-September 2012. The company is also in talks with other DTH operators for the service.

It’s interesting to see Mogae coming up with comics focusing on Indian mythology and folk tales, and monetizing it through DTH based interactive services, which are mostly offered on a subscription basis. However, it remains to be seen if users would pay for them at a time when animated series featuring similar stories are broadcasted on kids’ networks, which are included in the regular tv subscription.

Comics on mobile: Mogae will also offer comics on mobile devices including 50 titles with over 2,000 stories. Goyal added that each mobile comic features 12-14 frames, so that it’s easy to download and easy to scroll. She also informed that Mogae ports each frame to 48 different sizes so that most mobile devices receive the comic in exactly the screen size of the device. The comics are at the user testing stage with mobile operators and will go live within the present quarter, as per the company. Mogae also plans to launch a mobile greetings product, for which over 2,000 animation based cards have been created.

Mogae Digital is part of the Mogae Group, co-owned by Sandeep & Tanya Goyal, erstwhile JV partners of ad agency Dentsu India. Last week, Mogae Media, the mobile marketing agency of Mogae group, had launched a mobile creative agency, Mobocracy, through which it intends to offer mobile web design services to brands to help them reach their target audience across various mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and various other screen resolutions of feature phones. In January 2012, Airtel had outsourced its advertising inventory management to Mogae Media, allowing the company to sell advertising space on mobile, DTH and broadband services, as well as manage special offers, discounts and freebies for its mobile commerce business.