Vuclip, a mobile video search and delivery startup, has launched a new women-oriented mobile video portal ‘Mira‘ which will showcase videos pertaining to health, beauty, fashion and style tips, parenting, cooking recipes, career and entertainment, celebrity videos and astrology among others. The company claims that this is India’s first dedicated mobile video channel for women.

Content: Vuclip has tied up with 30 content providers in India and across the world and informs that this portal will showcase thousands of videos related to yoga, aerobics and fitness, fashion and style, hobbies and pets, food and cookery, animated stories, cartoons and rhymes for children, along with Bollywood videos, popular TV shows, and devotional and astrology related videos. The company claimed that this portal supports 5500 different Internet-enabled handsets including feature phones.

Similar to its other mobile video destinations like Vuclip TV andStarlight Cinema, the homepage offers videos across various women oriented sections like The First Ladies Club which offers interviews of celebrity wives, Parenting, Yogamrit which offers yoga videos, Style Addict which offers fashion oriented videos and so on. The portal also allows viewers to access their recently viewed videos and recent searches.

Last month, Vuclip had launched Vuclip TV which enabled users to watch popular Indian and International television shows on their mobile phones. The company claimed to offer more than 4,000 video clips from TV shows in Hindi, Telugu, English and other languages, with new videos being added on a regular basis. Before this, it had launched a mobile movie portal, ‘Starlight Cinema’ and claimed to offer more than 9000 movie clips in 13 Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya, Rajasthani, Kashmiri, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Vuclip had also stated its plans to offer mobile micro-sites for various regional languages, kick starting with a channel for South Indian movie clips which featured clips from Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies.

Userbase: The company also claimed that over 11 million users are actively accessing mobile videos on Vuclip in India, including 1.54 million women users and it delivers more than 20 million videos to consumers daily in over 200 countries. We’re not sure how Vuclip is able to give specific data related to share of female audiences.

Our Take (Nikhil adds)

Two things to keep in mind here:
– From an advertiser perspective, women are a key target audience, so there is a tangible business opportunity in creating a property focused on this segment to pitch to advertisers.
– Whether this channel will attract viewers is quite another story: afternoon show and prime time on television target women as an audience, but there isn’t a women-only TV channel in India, is there? There was Radio Meow 104.8, a women only radio station that couldn’t sustain.

The other thing is – what’s the gender-based-split between mobile Internet users, and more specifically, consumers of video content on mobile? My completely-unsubstantiable guess is that it is largely male-centric. The content must precede the consumption, so it’s not that this is a bad idea.