Media network Starcom MediaVest Group India (SMG India) has introduced a new product called ‘Web+TV Optimiser’ in India and rolled it across all SMG organisations in the country, reports Afaqs.

The report mentions that this optimiser will be available along with the company’s proprietary media optimisation suite TARDIIS (Target Audience Reach Delivery Inventory Investment System) and will allow media planners to build and evaluate their plans between TV and digital platform on an on-going basis. According to the agency, this will help clients in making investments in digital ad inventory and allow businesses to transition from tv to digital, analysing the reach of web vehicles.

This optimiser will be available in select markets including India, and has apparently been designed to run on the local Television Audience Measurement (TAM) and Web Audience Measurement (WAM) datasets. For those who are not familiar with how WAM works, IMRB (Indian Market Research Bureau) had introduced a new audience measurement system called Web Audience Measurement, in November 2010. This system allowed IMRB to analyse the Internet usage in India through Web Rating Points and by tracking the time and exposure on the site, which could be of more relevance to display advertisers.

Further, it also had the capabilities to track instant messenger usage from standalone chat software like MSN, GTalk and Yahoo messenger. In conversation with MediaNama, Balendu Shrivastava, Group Business Director, IMRB had claimed that WAM was a true measurement of the Internet audience since they were capturing the entire Internet usage of a person, across all browsers and instant messengers. He had stated that they were tracking data from around 6,000 people back then, although 50,000 people had registered and downloaded their software to submit data.

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