S Mobility* has reported a total income of Rs 553.3 crores for the quarter ended 31st March 2012, a decrease of 10.4% from its income in Q3FY12 and 4.81% growth from its income in Q4FY11. It reported a net loss of Rs 19.8 crores, compared to a loss of Rs 17.9 crore in Q3FY12 and Rs 19.1 crore profit in Q4FY11.

The company’s mobile devices segment reported a total revenue of Rs 497.5 crore, a decline of 10.6% from Q3FY12 and an increase of 6.05% from Q4FY11. Segment result or Loss before tax and interest, for mobile devices was Rs 22.9 crore, compared to Rs 26.9 crore loss in Q3FY12 and Rs 2.4 crore profit in Q4FY11.

The company’s services business reported a total revenue of Rs 55.8 crore, a 8.07% decline from Q3FY12 and a 5.74% decline from Q4FY11. The segment result or profit before tax and interest, for services was Rs 0.3 crore, a decline from Rs 1.2 crore profit in Q3FY12 and Rs 17 crore profit in Q4FY11.

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– To focus on the Mobile Internet space, the company has started investing in hiring and market expansion which is reflected in increased expenses in manpower, branding and administrative cost.

– The results are independent of the amalgamation of Spice Distribution with Spice Retail which awaits the approval of the High Court.

– A subsidiary of the company has acquired 49% equity in S Retail General Trading LLC and this company has been consolidated from the date of acquisition.

– The company has changed its financial year from 12 months to 15 months and the current financial year will end on 30th June 2012.

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