Google has announced that Gmail, its email service, will soon include Automatic Message Translation, Smart Mute, and Title Tweaks for all its users. Automatic message translation, a Gmail Labs feature, has been graduated out of Labs.

If the user gets an email in a foreign language, he/she can now just click on the ‘translate message’ on top of the message and Gmail will translate the message to his/her selected language. If one is bi-lingual, he/she can also turn off automatic translation for that particular language. However, Automatic message translate on Gmail only supports one Indic language as of now — Hindi. Google has the resources to support up to 7 Indic languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu from Google Translate, however, it does not support these languages, at the moment. In 2009, Google added support for Indian Language  Transliteration including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and more in Gmail. With today’s  rollout of automatic translate feature, there is an increased possibility of Gmail becoming a communication tool for local businesses who intend to do business in Indian languages.


How to use it

If you would like to automatically have messages in a particular language translated into your language, you need to click ‘Always Translate’. If you don’t see the Translate message header on a message, click on the down arrow next to Reply at the top-right of the message pane and select the Translate message option in the drop-down.

Apart from that, Gmail has also graduated Smart mute and Title Tweak from Gmail Labs. Smart Mute makes sure that noisy email threads stay out of your inbox. While Title Tweak changes the text in the browser tab so that users can more easily see if they have any new messages. The tab now will read “Inbox (20) – – Gmail” instead of “Gmail – Inbox (20) –” Google recently re-packed Google Docs as Google Drive and increased everyone’s free storage in Gmail from 7.5 GB to 10 GB.