Update: We have been informed that the block has been imposed following a John Doe order taken by Copyright Labs, Chennai, from the Madras High Court, for preventing piracy of Tamil Films Dammu and 3. Copyright Labs CEO, Harish Ram, has confirmed the same to MediaNama and we’ve requested him for a copy of the order. We had reported about the John Doe order taken by the producers of 3.

After Reliance Communications, which had blocked video sharing sites Vimeo and DailyMotion, torrents sites like thepiratebay, text and code sharing platform Pastebin, and bookmarks sharing site Xmarks, Airtel has also joined, and has started blocking the above mentioned websites, in addition to a large number of Torrent search sites.

However, instead of the ambiguous and incorrect “The site has been blocked as per instructions from the Department of Telecom” message, the landing page to which users are being redirected categorically mentions “Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders”.



At the time of writing this post we were not able to access the following websites on an Airtel Delhi connection:

Torrent sites:


Video sharing sites




Interestingly, all of these sites are still accessible on BSNL Bangalore, however, MTNL Delhi has only blocked Torrentz.eu and DailyMotion. We are getting reports that MTNL Mumbai has also blocked major torrent sites.

We believe that the block is to comply with Reliance Entertainment’s recent John Doe order from the Delhi High Court directing all Internet Service Providers to block video-sharing websites, not just for one film this time, but most big budget films. This explains why many of our readers have reported that they can’t access torrenting site The Pirate Bay, but more worryingly, sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Xmarks and PasteBin. Update: We’re not sure that the block has been imposed to comply with Reliance Entertainment’s John Doe order. Reliance has restored access to all sites that had been blocked, last week. So it could be due to another similar order.

Report The Blocks To Us

If you know of any other ISP which has blocked these websites, do let us know in the comments below. Please mention your location and ISP, and add a screenshot of the blocks for The Pirate Bay and Vimeo.

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