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Performance marketing company Shoogloo Affiliate Marketing is being rebranded as TrooTrac Media Pvt. Ltd, the company informs us. Shoogloo is among the few affiliate ad networks in India, although the segment might see an increase in competition with global player OMG also having launched. TrooTrac claims to have served over 100 advertisers through its network of 6000+ publishers, and says it delivers 100,000 transactions on a month on month basis.

What’s interesting is that LD Sharma, who founded ShooGloo was appointed a consultant to Online Media Group (OMG) earlier this year. OMG, which once powered the ShooGloo Network platform, now competes with Trootrac in India.

In response to MediaNama’s query on Sharma’s status in the company, Sajal Gupta, CEO of Shoogloo said that Sharma is “currently not involved in the day to day operations of the business”.

The third key affiliate marketing ad network we know of (ping us if you know of more) is DGM India, which was acquired by Smile Interactive promoted ad network Tyroo Media earlier this year.


Speaking with MediaNama, ShooGloo CEO Sajal Gupta said that the company plans to go beyond affiliate marketing and will bring in other customer acquisition tools like re-targeting. There is a lot of competition, with newer players coming into the affiliate business, he said.

In response to MediaNama’s query on the status of LD Sharma in the business, Gupta said that while Sharma is a shareholder in the company, a majority share is held by Mahendra Swarup and his investment group. Initially when Shoogloo was launched, it had two businesses – Shoogloo Affiliate marketing and Shoogloo Online Marketing. Swarup’s investment arm had picked up majority stake in the affiliate marketing business, but not the online marketing business, which explains the existence of live.

TrooTrac currently employs 10 people and has its office in Delhi. It plans to hire, and set up offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, Gupta said.

Update: LD Sharma writes in to inform us that “Shoogloo.com (Shoogloo Online Marketing Pvt Ltd) is a performance marketing group having offices in India, UK & France and managing over 1000 highly qualified websites delivering pure RoI to clients globally. Shoogloo works as a super affiliate and is 100% owned by me. I still remain one of the largest single shareholders with Shoogloo Network (now Trootrac)”

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(Updates: this post has been updated on the basis of clarifications from the companies)