Telecom operators are in talks with Telecordia and Syniverse, the two companies, in-charge of managing Mobile Number Portability in India, to set-up a system where subscribers can cancel port-out requests on their own, without approaching the recipient operator, reports The Economic Times. The companies might put a mechanism in place to offer a 24 hour time period for withdrawing porting requests, according to the report.

Presently, subscribers can only place a cancellation request with the recipient operator, which means that once they forward a porting-request, their existing operator can not cancel it on their behalf. It looks like the operators were not happy with this process, since it did not give them time to pacify irate customers and to prevent them from switching.

This new development comes a month after the TRAI issued a directive to all mobile operators in concern with high volume of MNP rejections. It was observed by the authority that a huge number of MNP requests were being cancelled when current operators. A Delhi court had summoned executives from Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and Loop Mobile on 25th March, 2012 accusing the networks of regularly rejecting porting requests from customers in several regions around the country.

Although this new cancellation facility may ease the withdrawal of porting requests, it may not help solve the main issue that TRAI wants to address, of improving service quality.Operators will still lure subscribers with incentives making them stick, even when they’re not satisfied with them.