Sony Music India, has decided to move its video content operations to the cloud using digital content services provider Prime Focus TechnologiesCLEAR platform. The company will move a large set of content including music videos, documentaries, promos, full length movies and its artwork library to the platform. Following the move, Sony Music India will be able to supply, prepare and deliver content through the cloud, in addition to being able to archive it. Sony hopes to cut content distribution costs, and increase revenue streams for content as the cloud platform supports digital delivery to multiple platforms, customizing content for different formats and cataloging through metadata. So it will be able to offer content on different video sharing sites and apps, and monetization will be easier as Sony will be able to offer more targeted advertising for specific platforms, since marketers will know viewing habits and audience profiles.

This development however is not the first of its kind for the music industry in India. Digital content platform Mime360 is already distributing music in a similar fashion by partnering with Saregama and Universal Music to host audio content and with Mukta Arts for distributing videos. A similar move was made by Star India, last year, when it shifted its entire software operations to the cloud using PFT’s CLEAR platform.

Other players in the entertainment sector working on the cloud and making use of CLEAR- a subscription based service, includes Associated Press, Eros International, Viacom 18, Sony MSM, BCCI, Indian Premiere League, Hindustan Unilever Limited, A & E TV Network, Vijay TV, Netflix, Schawk! and WPP, that encompasses everything from broadcast, film, sport, advertising and brand sectors within the entertainment industry.