‘s Job Speak Index has indicated a 20% rise in hiring activity in the Media (i.e. Media, Internet and Mobile combined), compared to last year, in the month of March 2012. The index, based on job postings on, uses July 2008 as a base (of 1000). A Month-on-Month analysis indicates that index declined by 7% from February 2012’s figure of 954, although it is higher by 51 points since the beginning of this year.

The overall job index that marked a post-recession record last month with a 1,209 figure dipped down to a 1,170 in March, as hiring activities tend to slow down owing to the appraisal season but is expected to be back on track by mid-year.

Sector wise: According to, all sectors have been either stable or seen slight improvements in their hiring levels except for the Construction sector, which dipped down 7% in March 2012 as compared to last month.

While a closer look indicates that Oil and Gas and Telecom sectors have witnessed maximum employment activities with the index moving up 6% and 4% respectively, there was a 3% rise in the hiring of Sales and Business-Development executives. And although sectors like IT, ITES, Auto and Banking have managed to stay stable along with the employment of software and BPO professionals, the demand for those trained at HR, accounts and production dipped down by 3%-5%.

City wise: With cities like Kolkata and Pune leading the way by registering a growth of 9% and 5% respectively, the indexes of usual hotspots like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad saw a decline of 2%-6% since last month. Chennai however managed to stay steady in the hiring circle in March 2012.