Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which manages the online rail ticketing for the Indian Railways, reported around 15.3 million transactions for the month of March, of which almost 73.68% were successful. SBI Debit Cards reported the highest number of transactions at 1.77 million, followed by the ICICI payment gateway at 1.62 million.

MediaNama readers might recall that the Indian Railways had launched an alternative system for online ticketing, which, last we checked wasn’t working. Now the reservations page for CRIS points towards the IRCTC site, with no mention of the CRIS reservation site. IRCTC had also launched a mobile web site and an Android app in January, but it doesn’t separate transactions according to platform.

Payment Gateway Specific Information:

SBI Debit Card: Accounted for 11.63% of total transactions, and 10.15% of total successful transactions

ICICI Payment Gateway: Accounted for 10.62% of total transactions, and 10.75% of total successful transactions

Citibank: 6.12% of total transactions, 4.78% of total successful transactions, and a 57.59% success rate

HDFC: 5.96% of total transactions, 5.73% of total successful transactions, and a 70.73% success rate

Itz Cash Card: 4.73% of total transactions, 5.51% of total successful transactions, and a 85.81% success rate.
I Cash Card: 2.69% of total transactions, 3.23% of total successful transactions, and a 88.35% success rate.
Oxicash: 0.14% of total transactions, 0.13% of total successful transactions, and a 68.50% success rate.


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