Content network Instamedia, which runs niche content sites targeting the international market, has launched a network of content properties aimed at Indian readers, starting with four new sites. Interestingly, three of these sites are revamped versions of Instamedia’s existing blogs, AutoMotto,  CellphoneBeat, and Instablogs. The other one, DIYHealth, appears to be a new property. Instablogs, which used to be a citizen journalism website has been redesigned as a portal featuring blogs across politics, entertainment, sports, technology, lifestyle and business, while others have been repurposed keeping the Indian readers in mind.

Why the shift to content for Indian readers: The company says that there’s a lot of scope for India focussed content, with the rise in the number of Internet users. Also, it had observed that Indian readers were going to International websites for content related to niche segments.

The company informs that it has a team of in-house editors, researchers, and freelance writers. However, it intends to take a community approach, with forums, and lists that can be updated by readers and moderated by its editorial team. It will continue to leverage its network of freelancers for content.

Monetization: It intends to follow the same monetization model with a mix of ad networks, and direct sales. The company had last raised $4 million from the Times of India group’s Internet subsidiary Times Internet Limited (Indiatimes*). It’s mainly banking on social network sharing to reach out to more people.

On being asked about a conflict of interest with Indiatimes’ content properties, Instamedia said that its editorial operations are totally independent and it is focusing more on a community driven content approach.

InstaMedia’s other content verticals offer content related to Luxury (, Green Living (Green DiaryEcoFriend), Gadgets (GizmoWatchBornTechieTechfemina), Smart Homes (HometoneHomeqn), Design (DesignBuzz), Fashion (StyleGuru, BodyArtClan), Entertainment (CelebGuru), lifestyle (WeddingClan, ParentingClan), How To (HowToDealWith), and Food (AlwaysFoodies).

*Disclosure: Indiatimes is an advertiser with MediaNama

Update: Instamedia informs that it’s not a ‘shift’ and it would continue to focus on content targeted at the international market in addition to the Indian content offerings. We have modified the headline of the article.