Bangalore-based Insieve Technologies has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Ojas Ventures and Blume Ventures, reports Following the funding, Gautam Balijepalli and Rajesh Srivathsa of Ojas Ventures will join the Insieve board while Karthik Reddy of Blume Ventures will serve an observer.

Insieve’s website states that it is an intelligent information sharing network which learns about the interests of user’s friends network based on the content shared by the user, and provides article recommendations to share with a specific friend based on their interests. The recommendation works the other way round as well i.e. Insieve learns about an user’s interests based on the content shared with them by their friends and offers article recommendations to them to share it with them. For instance, if the user is reading an article about photography, the article may suggest that one of his photography enthusiast friends might be interested in reading this article.

Among the products offered by Insieve include:

– Dhiti, a content discovery engine which offers widgets to publishers, enabling users discover related articles and topics on the website/blog. It also allows publishers to keep track of their visitor’s interests so as to make necessary changes to enhance the user engagement on the site. (Video Demo)

– Nuggetize, a meta-search discovery engine which delivers relevant articles and concepts for search queries. For instance, if an user searches for running, he will receive articles related to running as well as related concepts like UltraMarathons, exercise equipments, short distance running and so on. (Video Demo)

– Intweetion, a service which analyses articles in the user’s Twitter stream and surfaces interesting articles among them, in addition to providing related concepts and interesting nuggets surrounding that topic.