Anand Audio has managed to get Google to remove search results for the Kannada film called ‘Anna Bond’, a MediaNama reader informs us on condition of anonymity: On searching for the phrase ‘Anna Bond mp3’ on Google, we noted the following notes at the bottom of the results page.  The film is scheduled to be released on 26th April 2012, as per OneIndia. Below are screenshots for the first six pages (search results can be different for each user), and there could be many many more:

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3: view
Page 4: view
Page 5: view
Page 6: view

We counted, and there are over 80 links that have been blocked. The link at doesn’t yet have a copy of the legal notice sent to Google, but it mentions that Anand Audio had asked Google to remove the search results.

A new trend?

From what we’ve noticed, cease and desist notices from India for search results aren’t very common: we didn’t notice any at ChillingEffects (but may have missed some), and so far, the approach has been to get John Doe orders from courts to block access to copyright content. Also note that the Indian Music Industry got orders to block 104 (alleged) music piracy sites. It might be cheaper and easier for companies to just file DMCA complaints.

As MediaNama had reported earlier, Twitter had received 115 takedown requests from Cricket boards in the last year, asking for tweets pointing users towards live streaming of Cricket matches, to be deleted.

By the looks of it, at least for companies like Google and Twitter, a legal notice or a DMCA complaint suffices: a court order is unnecessary.

Twitter Received 115 Takedown Notices From Cricket Boards In The Last Year Sends Legal Notices To Alleged Subscribers Of Cricket Stream Pirates

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