Simpli5d Technologies, an NCR based digital products startup, has launched an ad platform, NLP Captcha, involving brand placements with Captcha inputs. Captcha is essentially a set of distorted characters that websites use with registration, comments and other forms to verify that the input has been done by humans and not by automated bots with an intent to spam. NLP Captcha places a brand message as a Captcha with an ad. The company has also filed for a patent for the platform.

According to the company, publishers can create new ad inventory by monetizing captchas on their site through NLP Captcha’s platform. The company claims that for advertisers, the brand recall is higher as a user spends more time filling up a captcha unlike other places where there are more chances of him dismissing the ad or not noticing it. Advertisers are only charged when the user fills the Captcha with their brand message; and the company refers to it as ‘cost-per-recall’.

Publishers that have signed up with NLP Captcha include Netcore/Oneindia Group,, Dainik Jagran Group (Jagran junction), Deccan Chargers, Deccan chronicle Group, Indian Express group, India Today Group, Getit, and Surfindia (part Of Indiamart group). It has done Adcampaigns for Lenskart, Zovi and others and says that it’s in the process of finalizing campaigns for Aircel, Lufthansa and some other brands.

While the concept is new for the Indian market there are other start-ups who offer similar solutions in other regions. Other companies using similar techniques include US based Solve Media, Chinese company, Yinxiangma, Israel based Adscaptcha, and Canadian ad company, NuCaptcha.

Nikhil adds: Would You Advertise On CAPTCHA Text?

Though it is sometimes a source of amusement when you get weird text to fill in, I’m yet to come across someone who enjoys filling in CAPTCHA text. As such, while there is “engagement” – you’re ensuring that a customer reads your brand message and fills in the text – this isn’t necessarily a positive sentiment associated with CAPTCHA. As a brand, would you advertise on CAPTCHA Text? Tell us why or why not.

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