txtweb, a platform from Intuit that allows users to access web-based content and services via text messages on mobile phones, through specific keywords, has announced the launch of a developer marketplace. The marketplace is like an exchange where developers can bid and work on live txtweb projects and build apps on the platform, which will later be published by txtweb.

How does it works? txtweb will publish a list of projects that it intends to build on the platform, along with a budget and a bid deadline every week. Interested developers can then bid for these projects within the deadline, following which the txtWeb team selects one among them to build that specific project, and guide them through the app building process.

In return, txtweb states that it will promote the app and feature the developer in its premium developer section on its marketplace. However, it does clearly mention in the site’s terms and conditions, that Intuit will possess the ownership rights of the developed application and any associated work product.

Why is Intuit doing this? One of the biggest reasons we see, is to gain traction for the txtweb platform and get apps developed through third party developers, while having full control over the development process. The clause clearly mentions – “...in exchange for payment by Intuit for your development activities that you shall transfer all ownership rights in the application and associated work product to Intuit.

Sample Projects: When we checked the marketplace, some of the sample projects that were listed include building an app to offer information on elections, political events, entertainment news, examination results, among others. While each project has a description, there is no mention of businesses or individuals who are listing them.