Twitter has extended its local trends to five Indian cities including Ahmedabad (Twitter spells it Ahmadabad), Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi over the weekend. Prior to this, Twitter was offering localized trends only in Mumbai, which was introduced in April last year, along with 69 other locations across the world.

To view localized trends, users can go to the Trends section on, click on ‘change’ button and choose their preferred city to get trends for the respective city.

Local trends were introduced in January last year, to essentially highlight popular conversations happening on a state or city level, although it’s hard to say if they’re really useful in aiding discovery, all the time, even though Twitter has integrated them with native Android and iOS apps for that purpose.

At times, trends provide insights into the most popular topics or the latest developments as they unfold in the city or the country. For instance, the current trends at the time of writing this article were dominated by Formula 1 and Cricket, considering both the events happened yesterday. However, majority of the times, these trends are also dominated by random hashtags like #whenimbored, which would possibly have no relevance to any event or news. All said, it would be interesting to see the difference in trends on a City wise basis.

Other developments: Earlier this month, Twitter had added support for right-to-left script languages by launching dedicated editions for Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu. Prior to that, it had extended Promoted Tweets and Accounts to its Android and iOS apps in a bid to monetize the mobile platform. It had also partnered with Airtel to offer free access to its mobile site, which ended earlier this month.