According to‘s Job Speak Index, an indicator of job listings on the website, hiring activity in the media sector rebounded in the month of February 2012, with the index reaching 954, a growth of 24% compared to the same month, last year. The index for the sector grew by 15% month on month, from January 2012 figure of 832. Note that the index for the Media sector covers Media, Internet and Mobile sectors.

It’s interesting to note that the index for this particular sector is highly volatile, shuttling between highs and lows in alternate months. Last year, it was at its peak in the month of May at 1025.

The overall job index was also at its peak, at 1209, 8% higher than January 2012 and 15% higher than February 2011with all sectors except oil and gas and telecom registering positive hiring activity, according to Naukri.

Sector wise: Construction, Banking and IT sectors witnessed maximum movement in terms of hiring, with the index increasing by 13%, 12% and 7% respectively in February 2012 compared to the previous month.

Auto and BPO sectors witnessed a 4% and 3% upward movement in hiring activity compared to last month.  However, the Oil and Gas sector saw a 2% dip in hiring activity while Telecom and Capital goods sectors witnessed steady hiring levels compared to January 2012.

City wise:  Bangalore and Chennai registered strong hiring trends with the Naukri job speak index moving up by 10% and 12%, respectively,  in February 2012 as compared to the previous month. The index for Pune witnessed an increase of 9%, while for Bangalore it was up by 8%, in February 2012 compared with the previous month. As per the index, Delhi maintained steady hiring levels, while both Mumbai and Kolkata saw the index moving up by 5% month on month, in February 2012.