Internet content delivery network Akamai Technologies has released its State of the Internet report, which was generated on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform and providing a sneak peek at statistics such as Internet penetration, mobile traffic and data consumption, global and regional connection speeds, and observed attack traffic, across the world.

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Avg Connection Speed: The average connection speed in India stood at 0.9 Mbps (942 kbps), recording a quarterly growth of 12% and an yearly growth of 12%. However, it is currently the only Asian country measured in the report, which has an average connection speeds below 1 Mbps.

In comparison, South Korea’s average connection speed stood at 16.7 Mbps and Hong Kong’s average connection speed stood at 10.5Mbps and China’s average connection speed stood at 1.4 Mbps. The only countries which have a similar or lower connection speeds than India were Sudan (0.9Mbps) and Venezuela (0.8 Mbps). The global average connection speed is 2.7Mbps.

The average peak connection speed in the country stood at 5.8Mbps, a 4% increase from the previous quarter and 13% increase year-on-year. In comparison, the average peak connection speed at South Korea stood at 46.8 Mbps and the average peak connection speed at Hong Kong stood at 46 Mbps. The global average peak connection speed is 11.7Mbps.

On mobile networks, India recorded an average connection speed of 1597 kbps with the peak connection speed being 9443 kbps. The average downloads per month stood at 274 MB/month.

Unique IPs: India has 9,163,796 unique IP addresses. United States took the top honors with 145 million (145,452,027) unique IP addresses, followed by China with 81 million (81,661,744) IP addresses and Japan with 44 million (44,014,718) IP addresses. Globally, there are 615 million (615,666,128) unique IP addresses.

Fastest Cities: Hyderabad and Chennai were the fastest Indian cities with an average connection speeds of 1.5 Mbps and 1.2 Mbps respectively. Other cities which made the list include Bangalore (1.1Mbps), Kolkata (1.1Mbps), New Delhi (0.8Mbps), and Mumbai (0.8Mbps).

Internet Adoption: 29% of the Internet connections are still below 256Kbps, down by 7% from the previous quarter and 13% year-on-year; while Internet connections having 2 Mbps speed or more has finally touched 10%, up by 45% from the last quarter and 89% year-on-year, and Internet connections with 5 Mbps or more stood at 0.6%, up by 46% from the previous quarter and 21% year-on-year.

Globally, 29% Internet connections are above 5Mbps, 66% of the Internet connections are above 2Mbps and 2.5% of the Internet connections are below 256kbps.

Attack traffic: India accounts for 3.7% of global attacking traffic, as compared to 2.7% traffic in Q2 2011 and was placed at the 8th position. Indonesia took the top place with 14% attack traffic, followed by Taiwan which accounted for 11% attack traffic and China which accounted for 8.6% attack traffic.

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