Yahoo India has launched a celebrity updates aggregator called “Yahoo Stars” (in beta) which allows users to browse through the latest updates, articles, images, and videos related to their favorite Bollywood and Cricket celebrities, reports

Homepage: The homepage is visually appealing and features three different sections along with a drop down menu and a search box. The top section showcases trending celebrity updates aggregated from Twitter and Yahoo properties like Yahoo Cricket and OMG! in a tabloid format while the middle section showcases the top trending stars based on number of followers they have, while the bottom section is about the latest followers. There is also a drop down menu on the top, which allows users to switch between Bollywood related or Cricket related updates, and a search box which allows them to search for their favorite celebrity and read related updates.

Trending Updates: This section features tweets, and links to articles, images and videos of all popular celebrities in a tabloid-like format. One can either view a mix of all these together or filter them based on its media type i.e.text, link, image, and video. Users can click on any one of the updates to do more actions on it. For instance, if it is an article, they can rate it using any one of the graphic buttons present below the update; post comments on the update (which will also get posted onto their Yahoo Profiles) or share it onto Facebook and Twitter and if it’s a tweet, Yahoo has used Twitter’s Web Intents which allows users to reply, retweet or favorite it without the need to authorize the app just for the interaction.

Follow Celebrities: Whenever the user reads an article or watches a video, he can follow the celebrity related to it. This will enable users to keep track of updates from these select stars in a dedicated section called ‘My Stars’.

Trending Stars: This section shows a list of highest followed celebrity profiles on the Yahoo Stars platform based on the number of followers he or she has. Users can also follow them or just browse through updates related to the celebrity on their individual profile.

More Sources and Tablet App? This initiative from Yahoo is pretty impressive but it aggregates updates only from Twitter and Yahoo Properties right now. Why not add more sources to it?

Also, the service is visually appealing in its current form. How about tweaking the interface a bit and release it as a tablet app or else integrate it with their Livestand product?

Monetization? We wonder if and how Yahoo plans to monetize this service. It is promoting its own content on the portal and supplementing it with tweets from celebrity accounts. However, one of the options could probably be paid tweets. Yahoo could probably partner with UTV Interactive to feature sponsored tweets from Indian celebrities by making use of the latter’s SponsoredTweets service or start something similar on its own.