Note: We have amended the headline since the report points out the presence of an active shell, and not necessarily a vulnerability (Thanks @blogsdna for the heads-up).

IT security research group, zSecure, has claimed to have detected vulnerabilities in‘s website. According to a blog post on its security blog, one of its team member had detected an active shell uploaded by a malicious attacker, which could give complete access to contents of files and various databases on the portal. The group further backs up its claim by accessing the files of two subdomains of – Biztech2 and Mobile18 and posting few screenshots which clearly showing files from its online properties such as Tech2, CompareIndiaBiztech2, and Mobile18.

The group claims that the shell hasn’t been removed by the company despite its earlier communications about it. It further clarifies that the shell was accessed by the group for the sole purpose of taking few screenshots indicating its presence and no data was dumped neither any files was modified/downloaded. Note that MediaNama is unable to verify any of the claims made by zSecure, the authenticity of the screenshots, and whether this level of access indicates a serious security breach.

Previously, zSecure had claimed to have detected vulnerabilities in other websites like HDFC Bank (screenshots), (screenshots), TimesOfMoney (screenshots)  and brokerage house (screenshots), using an SQL injection technique. HDFC Bank had reportedly took 22 days to fix the vulnerability while  TimesOfMoney had said that it had not seen any evidence of breach on its website and it is protected against any kind of network penetration.