Digital mobile downloads have become an important criterion for determining the success of a movie soundtrack or song, since estimating actual music sales is difficult owing to piracy and availability of a very few legal download channels. ‘Why this Kolaveri’, one of the first Tamil-English song to have made it big in the rest of the country, has been able to register 22,000 mobile downloads including 8,104 song downloads, in a span of less than five days, generating large revenues, according to VAS provider TechZone, the official mobile partners for Sony Music for domestic and international content. TechZone operates VAS services through the short-code 56060 and claims to have exclusive content rights for brands such as Universal Music, MTV, NDTV, Victoria Secret, Nick, VH1 and Colors, in addition to associations with music labels Saregama, EMI, Aditya Music, Eros and Tips.

CRBT Downloads?: However, this does not include CRBT or Caller Tune downloads, which are one of the biggest contributors to digital revenue, for music companies. Also, considering the way Caller tune download codes were integrated in the video, we are curious to know the overall response in terms of CRBT subscriptions. We did write to TechZone for a detailed break-up, but the company did not include CRBT downloads in their response. This is also one of those rare instances, where a Single has been released before the launch of the comlete movie soundtrack.

Mobile Downloads Break-up: TechZone, which has exclusive rights of Music Tracks, Videos, Ringtones, Caller Ring Back Tones and other Digital Entertainment formats for the song, informs that the song has surpassed all previous benchmarks and has said that it recorded the following number of downloads:

– Animation content: 720

– Full Track: 8,104

– MP3 Ring Tones: 6,965

– Poly Tones: 301

– True Tones: 162

– Videos: 4,190

– Wallpapers: 1,242

Meanwhile, similar to other successful ‘viral’ videos, several cover versions and videos with people dancing to the tune everywhere from Jalandhar to Japan, have surfaced on all video sharing sites. At the time of writing this post, there were at least four apps in the Android market dedicated to the song, that link to several YouTube versions, display lyrics, link to Facebook fan pages or aggregate SMS codes for activating the Kolaveri caller tune. All of these apps are free downloads and some are just fan projects. The song has witnessed unprecedented success, be it in terms of getting 1.29 crore hits on YouTube or enjoying liberal number of repeat plays on even Hindi radio stations and TV channels.