MyDala, a group buying site, has recently launched a new offering, ‘Deal Hunter‘ in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. Deal Hunter is essentially a deal directory that allows users to search for ongoing deals on restaurants, health & beauty, travel, lifestyle, fashion, home & baby, and gadgets in their neighbourhood. Interestingly, it also displays places which don’t offer any deal. Further, users can either view these places in a list format or switch to a ‘map

view’ which displays the exact location of these places on a map. We don’t know if the site has a dedicated team for listings or the section is powered by another directory business.

What’s exactly happening here? Well, when a user searches for a specific keyword such as ‘Pizza’ or ‘Chocolate’ in a specific locality in his city, he gets places with deals around his locality along with places which don’t offer any deals, which if you think of it, is an amalgamation between local search engine information and deeply discounted daily deals. The site displays deals irrespective of their distance from the locality first, followed by local listings.

User Generated Content: In addition to the above features, Mydala is also incentivising users to add locally relevant deals, by offering virtual credit on its portal, which can be redeemed. They also get virtual credit when they favourite a non-deals listing. Now this will have two interesting consequences- Firstly, it will lead to the creation of user generated content and secondly, it will help MyDala in lead generation of businesses.

With daily deals sites mushrooming all over the country, it does make an interesting case for convergence with local search engines. The intent of a local search engine is to find locally relevant information but if you add discounted deals to this mix, it could create a win-win situation for both the users as well as for businesses. While users will find locally relevant deals in their neighbourhood, businesses will get more sales volumes.

We wonder if we will see more instances of future convergence of between local search and daily deal sites, similar to what happened in the travel industry where online ticketing sites like MakeMytrip and Yatra acquired hotel aggregation companies like and MagicRooms.