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Online video advertising network Jivox has opened its interactive video platform for licensing, allowing digital content publishers and owners in the Asia Pacific region to make use of Jivox’s video advertising platform to monetize their video content.

Through this program, content publishers can now to create and deliver in-stream video ads for their customers and also make use of the company’s in-banner interactive video ad units to fill up their banner inventory.

As part of this launch, Jivox has setup a new sales, operations support and creative support group and appointed Rahul Tambewagh, who was previously a National Account Director at the company, as the Director of Platform Sales. He will be based in Mumbai and will be responsible for increasing the adoption of Jivox platform and enable the company’s sales team to sell instream and in-banner video ads. The company also informed that the new Jivox support team wil help with ad creation, tag generation, instream and in-banner integration and also work with the publisher ad operations team to deliver interactive campaigns.

Jivox, which claims to be India’s leading Interactive Video Advertising Platform, had raised $23.2 million funding till now. This includes seed investments by two promoters, a $4 million round from from Opus Capital and Helion Venture Partners last year and a $8.2 million round from Fortisure Ventures, Opus Capital, Helion Advisors and founder Diaz Nesamoney last month.


In October, it had signed a video partnership with the online ad network Komli Media, providing exclusive access to its video platform in the Asia Pacific region along with existing publishers and customers  in India.

Nikhil adds: So if access to Jivox’s platform was exclusive to Komli in the Asia Pacific region in October, are we right in assuming that it is no longer an exclusive deal, since Jivox has opened up its platform to all publishers? What was so “exclusive” about the Komli deal then?