Bharti Airtel has launched iRadio, a service on its DTH platform with 21 FM Channels, and at no additional cost. 14 of the channels available are from All India Radio, but there are also three channels from FM Gold, two from FM Rainbow, apart from Gyanvani Radio and Radio Kashmir. A list of Radio channels below. Our guess is that this would largely appeal to a diaspora which doesn’t otherwise get enough regional content/music on television, though one would assume that there are enough regional channels available. Perhaps that is why Airtel is giving these as free, and probably taking on the cost.

Would I listen to Radio on a TV Channel? Probably, if it is something like (Delhi’s) Hit 95 FM. VH1 and MTV have too much non-music programming these days, and Radio aids in the discovery of new music.

Do keep in mind that Airtel Digital TV had launched with WorldSpace radio channels when it first launched in 2008, but after Worldspace India shut down, the service was discontinued. This reminds us – what happened to Timbre Media and its plans to launch radio services on DTH and mobile?

Airtel iRadio channels:

1. AIR Assamese
2. AIR Bangla
3. AIR Gujarati
4. AIR Hindi
5. AIR Kannada
6. AIR Malayalam
7. AIR Marathi
8. AIR North-East
9. AIR Oriya
10. AIR Punjabi
11. AIR Ragam
12. AIR Tamil
13. AIR Telugu
14. AIR Urdu
15. FM Gold
16. FM Gold Mumbai
17. FM Rainbow
18. FM Rainbow Bangalore
19. FM Gold Chennai
20. Gyanvani Radio
21. Radio Kashmir