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Restaurant guide Zomato in a recent post on its blog has revealed that the highest user adoption for its mobile app comes from Blackberry users, followed by Android and iPhone. Zomato’s apps are also available on Nokia, Blackberry playbook and Samsung’s Smart TV devices. It also revealed platform wise analytics based on internal download and usage tracking data for daily downloads, average visits per months, time spent per visit, number of restaurants viewed per visit, reviews per visit, and average length of reviews.

The analytics indicate that a lifestyle app such as a food/restaurant guide like Zomato is popular in terms of downloads on Blackberry, which could also be because of the platform’s reach. Note that the entry price barrier for Blackberry devices is much lower compared with iOS. The cheapest Blackberry device costs less than Rs 10,000, while the cheapest iOS device costs around Rs 20,000. However, in terms of user engagement, iOS users are the most active and use the app more often, browsing more listings. We’re also assuming that Android is more popular than Nokia/Symbian since Zomato chooses to showcase numbers for the platform.

– Downloads per day: According to Zomato, the highest number of organic downloads i.e without counting ad links and app store promotions, come from Blackberry, followed by Android and iOS.

– Average visits per month: iOS users are the most active in terms of using the app, followed by Blackberry and Android.

– Time spent per month: Android users spend the highest amount of time browsing inside the app, followed by iOS and Blackberry, which implies that Blackberry users spend less time per visit.

– Number of restaurants viewed per visit: iOS users browse through more restaurants compared to Android and BlackBerry users. This also means that they choose or skip restaurants more quickly. Blackberry users browse less number of restaurants.

– Number of reviews per visit: iOS users tend to post more reviews, however, this analysis was relative and since Blackberry has the largest installed base, more reviews are posted by users of Blackberry devices.