Tata Teleservices has announced that it will operate all its services under one common brand—Tata DOCOMO, across its CDMA and GSM service platforms and Photon internet services. The company has consolidated all organizational assets including spectrum, retail touch-points, digital footprint and consumer franchises across technology platforms under the Tata DOCOMO brand. It will rebrand its CDMA services from Tata Indicom to Tata Docomo starting tomorrow, however, its Delhi-NCR operations will continue to operate under the existing brand and will only be rebranded at a later date. It is still awaiting spectrum allotment in the region for starting GSM services.

Common retail front: The company feels that the single-point brand interface will allow it to offer a seamless user experience and allow it to get a wider retail network front across a common interface. For example, its 3,000-plus CDMA retail footprint will now become accessible for GSM, and vice versa; Tata Photon’s post-pay channel will become an asset for GSM; and GSM’s digital marketing footprint will become a channel for Tata Photon.

CDMA Network upgradation: The company is also planning significant investments to upgrade its CDMA network to deepen and widen the existing footprint. The company had earlier announced the launch of a CDMA Rev. B  network, capable of scaling up to speeds of 14.7 Mbps in 27 Indian cities, including the metros. It has now officially launched it in five cites—Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai, and has announced that another 22 key cities will be covered by the end of the year.

Tata Photon Max: It has launched  a Rev B capable Photon internet access device, Photon Max, which will available under two schemes: In one, it will be launched at an introductory price of Rs 1,999, with Rs 750 to be paid as monthly rentals, with 1.5 GB of data usage bundled along. In this scheme, additional data usage will be billed at Re 0.50 per MB. In a second bundled offer, the user has to pay Rs 3,999 upfront to get the device and 1 GB of data usage per month is offered for five months. Any usage beyond 1 GB per month will be billed at Re 0.50 per MB, under this plan.