Samsung has partnered with Reliance ADAG owned online movie streaming and DVD rental service BIGFlix, to launch a Video on Demand application named My Movies that offers consumers full length feature films on its Galaxy S and SII Android powered smart phones and Galaxy Tab 750 tablet. According to the company, My Movies will offer consumers over 2,000 hours of Videos including Movies, Trailers, TV shows & Music Videos, all powered by BIGFlix.

The press statement also indicates that Samsung plans to launch a subscription based movie rental service in the future. It says that in the second phase, the My Movies app will also offer premium content to users on subscription. The subscription service will allow users to watch full length feature films and over 1000 movies without ads. This also implies that the present service might be ad supported.

Our Take

Although, to match Apple’s iTunes video rentals and music downloads service, smartphone and tablet makers like HTC and Samsung have been bundling similar services. However, these are mainly restricted to the US or at the most some European markets depending on regional content tie-ups and licensing terms. India is still nascent when it comes to buying content digitally through the legal channel, and subscriptions are almost non existent. This is also due to lack of payment option integration. With Samsung inking a deal with a local player, the problem of content availability would be taken care of. However, it would be interesting to see how it manages to implement subscriptions. As we’ve said time and again, we’re not sure if India is ready (and willing) for subscription based Video On Demand services; connectivity remains a big issue, along with payments and expensive data plans.

BIGFlix had earlier launched an Android app offering movie trailers, full movies, plays, music videos and short films. But it has not introduced subscriptions, yet. We’ll try to get a detailed review shortly.