A few of months ago, with the intent of visualizing spectrum allocation across India, we filed a Right To Information (RTI) request with the Wireless & Planning Wing of India’s Department of Telecom. At present, we don’t quite have the resources and the bandwidth to create the visualization, so we are making the response we received to our RTI request available online for download, in the hope that someone reading this, will be able to put it to use, and create an online visualization.

Some additional data gathering may be required, and if you think we have missed something that should be in this list, let us know at nikhil at medianama dot com.

As such, spectrum is a national resource, and hyper-competitive spectrum auctions lead to high pricing of spectrum and hence high/unviable pricing of connectivity services. We believe that some spectrum should be unlicensed for delivery of connectivity services (which, thankfully, is now a part of India’s Draft National Telecom Policy), in the same way that that we believe that Community Radio shouldn’t require a license.

The data we have received so far:

– Allocation of GSM/MW/MW Backbone and PMRTS Spectrum (Statewise) – download
– Carrier Utilization of GSM and CDMA Operators – download
– Backbone Usage for GSM Services – (to be scanned and uploaded)
– NFR Spectrum (which we think means Not For Resale Spectrum) – download
– Radio Allocation – as per National Frequency Allocation Plan-2008 (warning, the main file is 67 MB)
– Captive VSAT Operators – view
– Commercial VSAT Operators – view
– Teleport Operators – download
– DTH Service Providers – view
– ILD Operators – view
– NLD Operators – view
– Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) Operators – download
– Free & Unlicensed Spectrum – download


Note that the National Frequency Allocation Plan file

Did we missing something? Let us know, and we’ll file an RTI for more information.