As per the data retrieved by MediaNama, following an RTI filing with State Bank Of India, the total number of point of sales of customer service centre points of business correspondents with SBI stood at 27889 for August 2011. Out of these, 22936 are national level point of sales while 4953 are circle level point of sales. Andhra Pradesh had the maximum total POS with 5819 while Kerala was at the bottom with 92.

Some Observations:
– Circle level POS accounted for 17.75% of the total number of POS for customer service centre point whereas national level POS accounted for 82.24%
– Madhya Pradesh had the maximum number of POS on circle level with 887 while Orissa had the lowest with five.
– Andhra Pradesh had 4958 national level POS, the maximum.

Please note that we could not get the state specific data for Punjab, Himachal Pradesh,Jammu and Kashmir,Delhi and Uttarakhand. Also, the company has given data for Uttar Pradesh twice, one combined with Delhi and Uttarakhand and the other one being standalone.


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