For HDFC Bank, the transactions on credit cards outnumber the transactions on debit card by 14.20%.For March 2011, The transactions on debit cards have swelled by 71.85% although on a small base of 25,41,268 while the credit cards transactions have grown by 19.53%.The maximum number of transactions on credit cards were carried out on January 2010 with 5313506 transactions whereas, for debit card transactions, October 2010 proved to be the most productive month with 4564313 transactions. For HDFC, the credit cards and the number of transactions are comparable in contrast with debit cards where transactions are significantly low as compared to the number of debit cards issued.

Average number of transactions per card:
– Credit Card: 0.84 transactions
– Debit Card: 0.30 transactions

Note that this does not include transactions online, for which we have not been able to retrieve data using RTI.


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