Yahoo India has launched its video section, with content from partners including Zee, Comedy Time, The A List, Who Knew?, All Time Tens, ANI, The Label, Stupid Videos, and Howcast, among others.

The site features movie trailers from Movie Talkies, celebrity interviews and events and parties from Sanskruti; news videos from NDTV, ANI, AP and Reuters; Cricket videos – including 25 minute highlights of matches – from Zee-Ten Sports. In addition to these, the site also features content from international channels, including stand up comedy videos from Comedy Time, Fashion videos from The Label, How-To videos from Howcast, celebrity videos from The A List, Trivia videos from ‘Who Knew?’, Top-10 countdown videos frm All Time Tens and funny videos from Stupid Videos.

With the launch, Yahoo seems to be offering a mix of Indian and International content. However, we’re not sure if the American formula videos featuring stand-up comedy, how-to videos and to-10 lists will work in the Indian market. Some of these videos also feature risque content, for examle, “How to Handle Saying someone else’s name during sex.” The videos don’t have any pre-roll ads or page branding. It appears that the American content channels must have been a part of a wider agreement, which has now been extended to cover India.

Yahoo had recently launched MoviePlex, a video destination allowing users to access licensed full-length movies for free on the Internet, on demand, taking on YouTube’s Box Office offering.